MACRA Education

Why choose Apollo HIT for your MACRA educational needs?

  • Apollo HIT staff have been invited to present on MACRA at over a dozen national and regional conferences with more scheduled.
  • We have created a series of advanced articles on the Quality Payment Program articles for a peer-reviewed journal
  • Apollo HIT staff have created content for workshops for highly specific customer needs related to MACRA education and implementation
  • Apollo HIT sponsors the MACRA University website designed to offer introductory and advanced level knowledge related to the Quality Payment Program, including MIPS, MIPS APMs and Advanced Alternative Payment Models
  • Apollo HIT staff members have been in direct communication with CMS senior management and have requested clarification to dozens of questions via the CMS QPP helpdesk.

Menu of Educational Offerings Related to MACRA:

  • On-site consulting provided by a physician/MACRA expert/Certified Professional Coder with over 12 years of experience teaching doctors how to optimize electronic health records and remain compliant with reporting requirements (Rate: $250 per hour)In person interactive training sessions provided by a physician MACRA expert: these can be offered as individual talks or combined to create a series that best meets the needs of the organization (Price: $1000 per one hour ¬†lecture).
  • Online webinars provided by a physician MACRA expert: offered as individual presentations or as a series of presentations designed to meet the needs of the organization. (Price: $500 per one hour lecture)
  • Workshops provided by a physician MACRA expert and other professionals. (Price: $3500 per half-day workshop)

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