MACRA Workshops Available Now

Apollo HIT and its network partners are offering offering customized MACRA workshops for clients. The workshops tend to be limited to 1/2 day but can be extended as needed. The workshops will focus on areas of greatest need for each organization whether they be in the MIPS or an alternative payment model.

The sessions will also go into great detail as to the specific needs of your organization.  This will include reporting requirements for each relevant quality measure and each Advancing Clinical Information measure. Guidance will be provided on how to optimize your environment in ways allow you to have maximal performance in the MIPS or in an alternative payment model.  We will demonstrate how advanced knowledge and use of the electronic health record combined with iterative processes that allow organizations to address areas of need in a timely fashion. We will also discuss how interventions can lead to significant improve performance.

Our team has spent hundreds of hours reviewing the requirements for the two MACRA tracks, MIPS and Advanced Alternative Payment Models. We have identified strategies that will lead to significant returns on investment in MACRA-related efforts.

Please contact us to discuss your training needs in more detail at: