Physician Practice Optimization

Apollo HIT and Apollo HIT Network members offer a service that represents the next phase of health information technology in physician practices.  The majority of  providers are using or have access to electronic health records (EHRs).  A few providers have had marked success clinically and from a business perspective by taking advantage of the often underutilized features with their EHRs.

The Apollo HIT practice optimization service will provide your practice unleash the full potential of your EHR from a business (e.g., coding and compliance) and clinical standpoint.  The areas of focus include:

EHR Coding Optimization: Our team will assess the coding and compliance capabilities of your EHR and its content.  We will provide guidance on how to use you EHR to accurately document and code based on medical necessity.  In general practices see a significant improvement in documentation, efficiency of use, and coding accuracy.  Most practices find they are coding a levels than would be supported by the medical necessity of the encounter.

Workflow and Efficiency Analysis: We will identify workflow solutions for your practice based on our experience  with practices of a similar size and specialty that have improved their productivity and revenue based on workflow analysis in context with available technologies in the practice.  Additional technologies that may benefit your practice (e.g. mobile applications, telehealth, patient kiosks, etc.) will be recommended if there is a clear advantage to your practice.

Compliance with Incentive Programs: There are currently several programs that may benefit you practice or even result in penalties if certain criteria are not met.  These include well-known programs such as Meaningful Use, PQRS, and PCMH.  A program available to physicians who provide primary care to Medicare patients, referred to as the Chronic Care Management incentive program, (state date January 1st, 2015), has the potential to dramatically impact physician revenue.  There are numerous compliance requirements associated with this program that the Apollo HIT team will help you address.

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