MACRA Workshops Available

Apollo HIT and partners are offering detailed half-day workshops on MACRA topics that are customized for each organization.  The workshops can be general, specialty specific, alternative payment model specific, or tailored to the specific needs and objectives of the organization.

These workshops explore in detail pragmatic approaches to optimizing performance under the Quality Payment Program. Attendees will learn nuances of clinical quality measures relevant for their organizational needs. For example, we will explore in detail quality measure benchmarks, clinical requirements, exclusions and exemptions for all measures that will impact your organization’s performance. We will also discuss the critical need of supporting documentation for all reported quality data. The workshops also explore Advancing Care Information in detail targeting, optimal scoring on the performance measures. Improvement Activities are also reviewed in detail as other reporting requirements.

A large number of clinicians find themselves in MIPS APMs in 2017 and 2018. For example a clinician that is on the participation list for a Track 1 Medicare Shared Savings Program Accountable Care Organization in 2017 on either March 31, June 30, or August 31 is automatically enrolled in a MIPS APM. All members of the MIPS APM will receive the same MIPS score which will depend upon how the ACO performs on quality measures and how the members perform on the Advancing Care Information measures.

The specific nuances of current and future Advanced Alternative Payment Models will be reviewed in detail as warranted by the client’s needs.   This includes the Oncology Care Model, Comprehensive Primary Care +, the Complete Joint Replacement Model, the End Stage Renal Dialysis Care Model, Track 2 and Track 3 ACO’s, and the Next Generation ACO.  It will also include the Track 1 ACO+ model.

The workshops have proven value in allowing clinicians, administrators, compliance professionals, data analysts and other stakeholders to learn about the nuances of the MACRA programs there will be most important to them. We will also emphasize the importance for supporting documentation for all MACRA-related activities in preparation for anticipated audits in future years to come.

Please contact us at for further questions and information on pricing.